You are newly engaged, getting ready for the “BIG DAY”? Let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! The world needs more LOVE and love for what we do is the driving force behind each event we orchestrate.

Because your Wedding day is Probably one of the biggest, most important day of your life, I personally want to make sure we get to know you and your soul mate. Our commitment in making your day the best day of your life includes the following important aspects:


Getting to know you, making sure all your entertainment objectives, plans, and visions are met before the setup of your BIG DAY. This means we will take all the necessary time to make sure you feel comfortable about our work to be done.

A talented Disk Jockey & Emcee that cares about you and yours and that has pleasure in mixing in any requests. This also means that your professional entertainer will be dressed up for the occasion, and have a professional demeanor.

State of the Art Sound and Lighting for an amazing experience, ambiance, dance, and party.

A complete updated music Library and experienced Music Maestro to mix it, where requests are always taken in, and “I do not have it” does not exist… unless we know you do not want it.

A Complete Ceremony kit for the voice of the Officiant as well as yours to be heard clearly by everyone in the audience. This also includes a customized playlist, and a technician for the duration of that special moment.

-Extra Entertainment (Fire Performances, Glow Performances, Hand Drumming, Stilt Walking)

A Cheese Expert for cheese selection, Pairings, & a Cake made of Cheese Wheels?

-A Free Massage by a local Registered Massage Therapist (so you feel great and relax before your big day) This is what my wife does for a living and she would be happy to book a free appointment for you!

-The Best Time of Your Life